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The total readership of Hydropower & Dams spans more than 180 countries. The two largest categories of reader, by professional activity, are: developers, owners and operators; and, consulting and design engineers. Others are contractors, suppliers of equipment and specialists services, research institutes, financiers, teachers and students.

The total circulation has three main elements: more than 65 per cent are paying subscribers; we also have a controlled circulation in the developing and less developed countries - those eligible include decision makers at national and regional power and water authorities, ministries of energy and public works, and heads of national professional associations or ICOLD Committees. About 5 per cent of copies mailed are sent as promotional copies.

The average circulation per issue is 3500.

Surveys have shown that the average number of readers per copy is 8-10.

The breakdowns of readers by geographical location and by professional profile are shown below;

Regional breakdown of readership:

Readership profile by main business activity

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