International Business Directory

The total readership of Hydropower & Dams spans more than 180 countries. The two largest categories of reader, by professional activity, are: developers, owners and operators; and, consulting and design engineers. Others are contractors, suppliers of equipment and specialists services, research institutes, financiers, teachers and students.

The total circulation has three main elements: more than 65 per cent are paying subscribers; we also have a controlled circulation in the developing and less developed countries - those eligible include decision makers at national and regional power and water authorities, ministries of energy and public works, and heads of national professional associations or ICOLD Committees. About 5 per cent of copies mailed are sent as promotional copies.

The average circulation per issue is 3500.

A series of insertions in the Hydropower & Dams International Business Directory is a low-cost way of ensuring that details of your company's expertise, scope of services and full contact details are constantly in the minds of our readers in more than 180 countries.

It is an efficient medium, with details presented in a clear, concise and attractive format.

The classified section appears in colour, giving the opportunity for logos to be included in the corporate colour of the companies.

Companies are classified in the IBD section within the following categories:

  1. Bearings, coolers, couplings, cylinders, filters and seals
  2. Civil contractors and construction equipment
  3. Design engineers, developers and consultants
  4. Electromechanical services and suppliers (manufacturers of turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment)
  5. Hydromechanical services and suppliers (including steelworks, trashracks, etc)
  6. Instrumentation services and suppliers
  7. Laboratories (research and testing)
  8. Materials specialists
  9. Small hydro specialists
  10. Underwater services (surveying and repair)

The box size for each insertion is 55 x 55 mm (2.17 x 2.17 inches).
A series of insertions can be booked for either one or two years.

Rates are:

One year: UKú 1055 / EU 1375 / US$ 1790
Two years: UKú 1750 / EU 2200 / US$ 3000

An invoice is sent following publication of the first insertion. Payment can be made in any of the three currencies shown above.

To request an entry form for the IBD, please contact the Sales & Marketing Department. 


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