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If you are active, or studying to be active, in the field of water resources development, dam engineering or hydroelectric power,The International Journal on Hydropower & Dam and its associated publication is essential reading for you. Receiving regular copies of the bi-monthly Journal is the best way of keeping up to date with the state-of-the-art of the technology associated with hydropower and water infrastructure, as well as industry news, statistics on potential and development and water policy worldwide.

Subscribers receive:

  1. Six issues per year of the Journal, each with a regional theme and various technical themes, as well as regular sections (news, bid information, feature articles (technical and descriptive) a calendar of events, and short items on new developments or progress at schemes worldwide.
  2. A complimentary copy of our annual Atlas, containing: a world survey (updated annually) of water and energy development worldwide; statistics on world hydro potential and development, as well as major dams under construction worldwide; a database of addresses of professional organizations; and, an annually updated Buyers' Guide to commercial companies active in the industry.
  3. Preferential registration rates for the international conferences and symposia organized by Hydropower & Dams.
  4. Technical posters, published regularly by Aqua-Media: these include the annual World Map, various regional maps, generally published to commemorate major international events; and technical posters of some projects of particular technical interest (schemes featured in the past have been: Cleuson Dixence, Switzerland; Freudenau, Austria; Guangdong pumped storage, China; Goldisthal, Germany; Kárahnjúkar, Iceland; and, Kops II pumped storage in Austria.

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