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ASIA 2014 Gallery


This first brief overview of the Fifth International Conference on Water Resources and Hydropower Development in Asia (ASIA 2014), which took place recently in Colombo, Sri Lanka, gives a first insight into the international participation and topics covered. This will be followed by a fuller report of the conference outcomes, being compiled in collaboration with session chairmen, which will be published in Issue 3 of Hydropower & Dams. Below this photo-report, we have posted about 400 selected photos from ASIA 2014, which may be downloaded free of charge. These are grouped by function (sessions, social events, side event, etc). Click the side arrow to view all photos in each section.



In the selections below, if you see a picture you would like to download, use the right mouse button to click on it (or command-click if you have an Apple Macintosh) and you will see  a mini-menu in which one of the options will be “copy image” and another “save image as”.
If you are  interested in receiving a photo taken during one of the sessions which you do not see here, please contact us and we will try to supply it.

Registration (selection of photos)

Chairpersons' meeting (selection of photos)

Speakers briefing (selection of photos)

ESHA SHP Seminar (selection of photos)

Opening Ceremony (selection of photos)

Opening Keynotes (selection of photos)

Welcome Reception (selection of photos)

Conference sessions (selection of photos)

Exhibition (selection of photos)

General (selection of photos)

Closing Session (selection of photos)

Beach party (selection of photos)
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