Past event 2003

The way forward for hydropower...
Hydro as a key to sustainable development; The role of hydro in poverty alleviation; New development strategies; Partnerships in planning; Best practice in environmental/social issues; Increasing public acceptance
Economics and project financing
Public/private partnerships; Risk management; Quantifying external benefits; Regional power trade; The value of hydro for countries with transitional economies
Advances and challenges in technology
Refining machinery design; Improving efficiency and safety; Advances in operational strategies; Maintenance and control; R&D; Civil works; Sedimentation management

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Hydropower & Damsand

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            Voith Siemens


CROATIA... ... a country of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage in the heart of Europe, has more than 2080 MW of hydro in operation, and substantial plans for development. Water resources schemes are key priorities for the economy, and four new hydro plants are planned, as well as a number of refurbishment schemes, all adds up to make Croatia an ideal choice for the Hydro 2003 Venue.
The country has a technically and economically feasible hydro potential of 10 500 GWh/year, and water resources development projects are among the priorities identified for the national economy. There is more than 2000 MW of hydro capacity in operation, and last year the Government announced plans to proceed with the 140 MW Novo Virje project. Three other new projects are planned (Lesce, Kosinj and Podused) which would add a further 112.5 MW of capacity. There is also considerable scope for the refurbishment and upgrading of existing hydro plants. The 240 MW Orlovac plant, on the Cetina river, is at present undergoing refurbishment.