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Learning Centre Mission

We are aware that many visitors to this site may be taking an interest in hydropower and dam engineering for the first time - whether as a student, a professional from another related industry, a journalist, or as a member of the public wanting to become more familiar with some aspect of water resources development.

With this in mind, over the coming weeks we will be developing for this site a Knowledge Centre, with sections aimed at those with varying levels of knowledge and experience.

Examples of material which will initially appear:

-  A 'back to basics' outline of hydropower production and dam engineering, including some definitions of terminology.

-  Some overviews on the role and benefits of dams and hydro plants.

-  Some general statistics on some of the world's most outstanding schemes, in terms of scale, efficiency, performance.

-  An index of material published in Hydropower & Dams.

-  There will also be links to energy- and water-related professional associations, from which more information on some specific topics can be gained.

We welcome ideas for material to be included here, so that this area of our site can be developed to meet the needs of a broad range of visitors.

A further future development will be an inter-active forum, allowing for comment on articles published in our Journal, and on other issues of current interest.

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