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HYDRO 2011 Overview

HYDRO 2011 Overview

Practical solutions for a sustainable future

A broad-based agenda at HYDRO 2011 led to lively and constructive discussions among more than 1300 international experts. Topics ranged from micro hydro for rural areas of Nepal, to the 42 000 MW Inga scheme in DRC now reaching a major milestone in its development, with pre-feasibility studies recently approved. The 33 sessions included nine high level panel discussions, providing opportunities for open debate on topics such as approaches to finance, research on carbon emissions from reservoirs, the increasing importance of pumped storage, the safety of high hazard energy infrastructure, capacity building and communications.
Global challenges for the hydro profession were addressed by more than 1300 representatives of the world hydropower community during HYDRO 2011 in Prague. More than 75 nations were represented, making the pool of expertise and experience quite unique for a meeting focusing on hydro.
Alongside technical topics, such as the latest developments in turbine and generator technology and in civil engineering, discussions included some new issues, such how to encourage young people into the hydro profession, managing the risks of high hazard structures (with input from the nuclear, oil and gas industries), and how governments can manage the economic risks of long-term concession agreements.
The reports, which can be downloaded below, briefly cover some of the main outcomes of the various sessions, and have been compiled in conjunction with those who chaired the sessions. Also available via download below is a special report on the Inga project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hydro 2011 report PDF

Inga project PDF
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