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Asia continues to be the continent with the greatest amount of water resources and renewable energy development under way. Some of the world’s most impressive multipurpose dams of all types are in operation or under construction, and major programmes continue for the development of more hydropower and other renewable energy schemes such as solar and wind power. These intermittent sources increase the attractiveness of pumped-storage development.Asia is a region with much past experience to share, on everything from large storage schemes,and transboundary run-of-river hydro plants, to small and micro schemes which are playing a major role in rural socio-economic development.ASIA 2018 will provide a platform for international experts from around 50 countries to focus on issues of direct relevance to Asia: helping advance projects which will exploit the remaining renewable energy potential; exploring investment opportunities and strategies; addressing major challenges such as climate resilience, and the management of floods and earthquakes;encouraging best practice in project implementation; and, reviewing advances in technology for both new and refurbishment schemes.