Accompanying Persons’ Programme

A package of three cultural excursions has been arranged for family members and partners accompanying delegates to HYDRO 2019. Accompanying persons are also welcome to attend the evening social events.

Day 1

Monday 14 October

The first trip is design to contrast contemporary Porto with traditional artefacts.
Two guides will accompany the group first to two spectacular gardens, at the Palacio de Cristal, and the Serralves Foundation; the next stop will be the Museum of Contemporary Art. There will also be a chance to see and learn about the grand Avenida do Boavista and the Casa da Música, designed by Rem Khoalhaas, and to view some street art.
After lunch together in an elegant restaurant, the tour will move on to a Workshop to learn about the traditional tiles of Porto, and the history of the craft of making them. There will be a chance to see a unique tile warehouse, where pieces can be found which will never be seen in shops, but are sometimes used for the restoration of old buildings.
During the day there will also be a chance to stop and taste some local specialities from different regions, with some local wine.
The group will return in good time for the HYDRO 2019 Welcome Reception.

Day 2

Tuesday 15 October

On the second day of the conference, there will be a full-day excursion to visit two outstanding cities of historical interest. The first is Guimarães; this the first capital of Portugal, from which the first King, Don Afonso Henriques, ruled the Kingdom. There will be a chance to walk through medieval streets, and squares where important battles took place.
After lunch, the group will travel on a short distance to reach Braga, which was founded by the Romans around 2000 years ago, when it was named Bracara Augusta. There will be a tour of the historic centre, including some churches and important monuments.
After Braga, the final visit of the day will be to the ancient city of Barcelos, about 25 km away, in an area which has archaeological remains dating back to prehistoric times.
D. Afonso Henriques granted the settlement a charter to become a town in the 12th century. The group will see the old fairground, known as the Campo da República, and the 18th century churches of Bom Jesus da Cruz and Nossa Senhora do Terço. There will be time to visit either the ceramics museum or the handicraft centre.

Day 3

Wednesday 16 October

Portugal has 14 wine-growing regions, with unique soil and climatic conditions, producing award winning terroir wines. Close to Porto is the region for the famous Vinho Verde wine.
The excursion on Wednesday will visit a wine growing farm (Quinta), to learn about the soil, the grapes, and to visit the winery for a tasting not only of the wines, but of local delicacies for lunch. For those preferring not to drink alcohol, some appealing alternatives will be available to accompany the lunch, in beautiful surroundings.
The tour will return to Porto in good time to relax before the HYDRO 2019 Farewell Gala Dinner.

Conference Programme

HYDRO 2019 will be the 26th in our annual series of hydro conferences, and the third to take place in Portugal, following HYDRO 2004 in Porto, and HYDRO 2010 in Lisbon. Portugal is an ideal European host country for the global hydropower community, with a wealth of experience and expertise to share, in all forms of hydropower, from large-scale pumped-storage plants to large and small run-over-river installations. The country has about 7200 MW of installed hydro capacity, and typically hydro contributes more than 15 000 GWh/year of electricity.


Sunday 13th October

Pre-conference workshops and Chairpersons’ & Speakers meetings and reception.


Monday 14th October

Opening ceremony, technical sessions begin and evening Welcome reception.


Tuesday 15th October

Technical sessions continue and extended opening of the Exhibition.


Wednesday 16th October

Technical sessions continue, closing ceremony and Farewell Dinner.

Industry co-sponsors

HYDRO 2019

  • 14 - 16 October 2019
  • Porto - Portugal