Sultan Alam memorial Prize

The Sultan Alam Memorial prize has been introduced to honour the work of eminent sedimentation expert, Sultan Alam.

As announced in the Opening Plenary Session of HYDRO 2018 in Gdansk, we are inviting students to submit entries for the Sultan Alam Memorial Prize lecture, to be given in October in Strasbourg. Click here to see the slides from Prof. Schleiss’ talk in Gdansk, setting out the context for the Memorial Prize and lecture, and also the criteria for entry.

Entries should be submitted to Steve Usher, Deputy Editor at

Conference Programme

HYDRO 2020 will once again take place in France, following HYDRO 2009 in Lyon, and HYDRO 2015 in Bordeaux. The host city for 2020, Strasbourg, is on the Rhine, one of Europe’s major ‘hydropower rivers’, and is very close to the borders of both Germany and Switzerland, so there will be plenty of local technical expertise to share with participants. 


Sunday 25th October

Pre-conference workshops and Chairpersons' & Speakers' meetings and reception.


Monday 26th October

Opening ceremony, technical sessions begin and evening Welcome reception.


Tuesday 27th October

Technical sessions continue and extended opening of the Exhibition.


Wednesday 28th October

Technical sessions continue, closing ceremony and Farewell Dinner.

Industry co-sponsors

HYDRO 2020

  • 26-28 October 2020
  • Strasbourg - France