Publication: December 2022

Our last issue of 2022 will, as usual, contain a wide variety of themes, covering electrical engineering, dam design, flood discharge works, floating solar PV, environmental aspects, as well as a special section devoted to hydro and dam engineering in Latin America.

Design approaches:

Features will cover topics such as Icelandic research on the optimal design for the dimensioning of waterways, and an innovative design approach for a project now under construction in Georgia, including optimization measures to ensure the scheme will reflect international best practice.

Electrical engineering:

We will have a paper on predictive maintenance of hydro generators at a scheme in El Salvador, based on monitoring the magnetic poles.

Spillway upgrade:

In Canada, a flood incident at the Chute Bell dam in Québec in 2019 led to the need for emergency measures and later remedial work, which will be described by the owners.

Annual focus on Latin America:

As the country reports in our recently published Atlas show, many schemes which have been planned for some time in Latin American countries are now moving ahead, and around 7000 MW of new hydro capacity is under construction across the continent.

Brazil continues to be active, and we have two papers by Brazilian authors: plans for a hybrid scheme combining pumped storage and floating solar PV; and, a description of a recently completed 142 MW scheme, where a solar panels may also be installed on the reservoir at a later stage.

Plans for a major overhaul of the electrical and hydraulic equipment at the 105 MW Baygorria hydro plant on the Rio Nego in Uruguay will be described, and there will be an overview of the many hydro developments under way and planned in Ecuador.

Articles from Colombia and Mexico are also being confirmed.

The issue will be read by dam and hydro plant owners and operators, planner and financiers, consultants, contractors, researchers and others.

If your company plays a role in advancing hydro and water resources development schemes, we recommend you are represented in this issue to promote your supplies or services. Advertising is available in various shapes and sizes, to meet all budgets!

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