* NEW DATES: Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 July 2023 *

Many will have heard that there has recently been an outbreak of Ebola in Uganda.

We have been constantly monitoring the news, and had hoped at first that it might not affect our conference arrangements. Uganda has great experience and competence in bringing epidemics under control swiftly, but the situation has been complicated by the strain of this virus, and the incubation period.

Although cases are not close to our venue at present, we feel we should not take any risk in proceeding with the conference at this time. After consultations with UEGCL, ICOLD and the Speke Resort, we have taken the rather painful decision to postpone the event again. The new dates will be Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 July 2023, with set-up and side events on Sunday 9 July.

We intend for the technical and social programmes, and study tours, to remain the same, and very much hope that speakers and chairpersons will be able to confirm availability for the new dates.

For those participants who have already registered and are happy to transfer, there is no action required at this time; our event management team will be in contact in the coming weeks to confirm updated accommodation and transportation requirements. Naturally refunds on registration fees and for accommodation can be arranged for any people who cannot participate in July.

The relevant departments of the Aqua-Media team will be in contact shortly with speakers, delegates and exhibitors.

After the various COVID-related postponements, we feel so sorry to convey more disappointing news, but above all, our thoughts are with all those in Uganda who have been affected by the outbreak.