As a recent addition to Aqua-Media’s online services, we are collaborating with some key companies in the industry to publicize and present their webinars, focusing on innovative technology. We are pleased to introduce these occasional webinars, hosted by various companies, and hope that you will find them useful.

Get the most out of a session by attending live from the comfort of your desk. Webinars will also be available to watch afterwards, on-demand, by anyone who registers.

Our Webinar hosts

The webinars are each designed to explore a particular theme or technology from the world of hydropower and dams, addressing challenges and recent innovations. They are being provided by a number of carefully selected companies, each of whom is an expert in their field.

The sessions will range in format from talks to workshops, and we have encouraged our hosts to include an interactive element wherever possible, to allow participants to tap into their expertise through Q&As or one-to-one follow-up.

Please note that Aqua-Media is not responsible for the content of each webinar.

Attend a webinar

Webinar FAQs

Learn more about registering for and attending an upcoming webinar

How do I register for and attend a webinar?

Registration information is provided on the dedicated page for each webinar session. It will either be via our website or through a linked registration system provided by the sessions’s host.

Most sessions will take place on Zoom and so you will need access to a device that supports the Zoom app and a solid internet connection that provides at least 600kbps up/down bandwidth.

When a session is made available to watch on-demand you will be able to access the recording through this website.

What happens to the information I share during registration?

Any personal information you share during registration will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will be available both to us and the webinar host.

How do I find out about future webinars?

The details of all our upcoming webinars will published here. We are in process of putting together our 2022 programme so please check back again soon or sign-up for our email newsletter at the bottom of our homepage.

Can I host a webinar session?

We’re always keen to hear from organisations and individual with interesting webinar topics that might be of interest to our audience. If you would like us to promote your webinar please contact us at: sales@hydropower-dams.com