HYDRO 2019 Conference special issue

This issue is the special conference issue and will be distributed at HYDRO 2019 in Porto, Portugal.

Issue 5, 2019

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Issue 5 of Hydropower & Dams will reflect the activities in the hydro industry in Portugal and throughout Europe. With a long history of hydro development, and varying climate and topography across the continent, the experiences and challenges of developing hydro and dams in the region are relevant to all those active in the industry worldwide.

Key topics explored in the issue include:

  • Hydropower and dams in Portugal: articles include augmented reality concepts as a method for monitoring dam safety and, the benefits of pumped-storage development in the country.
  • Managing hydropower assets: EDP highlights its programme to minimize energy loss from ecological flow requirements at hydro plants.
  • Fish protection: a case study involving reconstruction of a fish pass in Slovakia is described.
  • Powerplant safety: safety is a critical consideration for the industry worldwide. Protection against accidental flooding is discussed in an article on drainage and dewatering systems.

The World Bank’s article on financial risk in Albania, the development of a new hydro plant in the challenging conditions of the French Alps and, the importance of innovation in dam development in Europe highlight the varied and exciting activities taking place and the breadth of knowledge in the issue.