Submit an Article

We welcome submissions of articles to the Journal throughout the year. If you wish to submit an article for a specific issue, please see our Media Data details of themes and deadlines on the current Editorial Programme.

To submit a paper for publication, please send an abstract of 500 to 800 words to one of the contacts below. If the paper has already been written, please submit the full version.

The abstract should define as precisely as possible the subject and scope of the proposed paper. Abstracts of research papers should indicate clearly the aim of the research project to be described, and its value and potential applications within the engineering profession. Please give an estimate of the length of the full paper, and the approximate number of illustrations you intend to include.

The abstract/paper may be reviewed by members of the journal’s Editorial Board, and you will be notified of the decision as soon as possible. If the paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to submit the full paper in the format detailed below, together with a suggested length, a proposed publication date, and the deadline for receipt of the material. The Editors reserve the right to request modifications to the final text, particularly if the scope varies significantly from the original abstract.

Supply guidance

If you are submitting a full paper which has already been prepared, please note the following points:

  • The full text will normally be required 6-8 weeks before publication. Drawings are required most promptly, as they take some time to prepare; there is more flexibility for the text.
  • Articles are typically 2500 to 3000 words long, with 6-10 illustrations. Longer articles can be accepted by arrangement with the Editor.
  • Articles should generally deal with recent projects, or new technical developments. In the case of a project, as much background information as possible should be included (location, function, reason for construction, principal technical features, any special challenges, owner, other companies involved in the project, etc).
  • A main title preferably not exceeding 6-8 words should be given.
  • Please include an introduction of about 50-100 words, which should outline the scope of the article. The article should preferably end with a conclusion (which does not repeat the introduction!).
  • Please include brief biographical data for each author. This should be an abridged CV, including, for example, main relevant qualifications, career highlights, special areas of interest/expertise, examples of international experience if applicable, and ending with current position and activities. A typical length would be 6 to 10 sentences.
  • The text of the article should be sent in Word to one of the addresses given below. Please prepare the text as a plain Word file, containing text only (with no embedded illustrations). There is no need for any elaborate formatting of the text, as this will be done using our own software at the final stage before publication.
  • Figures should be sent as separate files and they should be as simple and as clear as possible, with all annotations in English. Artwork will be redrawn to our standard style based on the originals submitted.
  • Photographic images can be sent by email, as separate JPG files, maximum quality, CMYK format, and scanned at a resolution of 300 ppi, at a width of about 10 cm.
  • Please include a small, head-and-shoulders colour portrait photograph of each author, which will be published at the end of the article. This may also be sent by email, as a maximum quality JPG file, 300 ppi, 4 cm wide.
  • Proof copies of articles will be sent to authors by email before publication, for final checking. Any corrections should be marked on the proofs, and emailed back to the editorial office.

Submission contacts

The abstracts/papers should be submitted to:


Alison Bartle

 /  +44 (0)20 8773 7240

Deputy Editor

Steve Usher

 /  +44 (0)20 8773 7243

Sub Editor

Jo Fernandes

 /  +44 20 8773 7246