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Bathymetric study sought for the Kozah dam in Togo

Togo’s SP-EAU (Société de Patri­moine, Eau et Assainissement en milieu urbain et semi-urbain) invites expressions of interest by 9 June from qualified consultants to carry out a bathymetric study of the Kozah dam in the northern region of Kara.

The contract, which is to be financed by the l’Agence Française de Dév­eloppe­ment (AFD), under the Nat­ional Water Development Prog­ram­me, also involves the design of dredging works for the Kozah reservoir, the region’s main source of water.

The scope of the contract comprises studies to establish the bathymetry of the dam, the level and siltation volumes within the reservoir, the nature of the sediments, the natural water hydrology of the dam over the longest possible period, an estimate of the drinking water needs of the population in the project area up to 2045, on the basis of studies already carried out by SP-EAU, the inflows into the reservoir, and the losses and withdrawals of water from the reservoir by the various urban and semi-urban centres, as well as the quantity and quality of available water re­sources.

The contract will also require undertaking the design and an environmental and social study for the dredging works and an estimate of the cost of the dredging, as well as a timetable for the dredging works.

The SP-EAU will draw up a shortlist of a maximum of six applicants, pre-selected on the basis of the applications received, to which it will send a Request for Proposals. The winning consultant will be selected under a Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) procedure.

Expressions of Interest in French must be submitted as one original and four copies no later than 15.00 hrs local time on 9 June to SP-EAU, at the address below.

For further information, concerning the contract AMII N ° 02/2020 /SP-EAU/DG/PRMP/DPET, contact: SP-EAU Direction Générale 88, ABV Rue Doufelgou, Tokoin Casablanca, Lomé, Togo. Tel: + 228 22 22 89 54; Email: