Bids sought for electro-mechanical equipment for Switzerland’s Alpbach project

Bids are sought by the 1 March three turbine-generating units and auxiliaries for a new Swiss hydro plant.

Kraftwerk Erstfeldertal invites bids by 1 March for the supply, installation and commissioning of three new turbine-generating units and auxiliaries for a new hydropower plant to be built on the river Alpbach, a left tributary of the river Reuss, in the municipality of Erstfeld in the central Swiss canton of Uri.

Construction of the 11.5 MW Erstfeldertal run-of-river plant, at an estimated cost of around CHF 36 million (US$ 36.11 million), is scheduled to begin in June of this year, with commissioning scheduled for December 2020. The plant is designed to generate average annual output of 32 GWh, representing the annual power supply of approximately 7200 households, according to Kraftwerk Erstfeldertal, which was officially established in November to build, own and operate the plant. Kraftwerk Erstfeldertal is jointly owned by Elektrizitätswerk Altdorf (EWA), the local municipal utility Gemeindewerke Erstfeld, the Government of the canton of Uri and Korporation Uri.

Lot 4.1 for electro-mechanical equipment requires the supply of three Pelton turbines (two with nominal capacity of approximately 5.8 MW and one with a capacity of 0.65 MW), generators and generator storage cooling systems, machine control, turbine governor, automation and control equipment including monitoring/protection system, control panel and desk including measuring and regulation system, voltage distribution 400/230VAC (NSV and HV), an inverters system, and battery system and an inlet pipe with flange, shut-off device including bypass, and connecting pipes for all three units, according to a tender notice published on the EU’s procurement website TED on 22 January. The full tender notice can also be viewed on the website of the Swiss procurement agency SIMAP at:

Bids, with all requested documents, must be submitted in German in two copies (one in writing, one in digital format) in a sealed envelope marked “KW Erstfeldertal, lot 4.1 – machine groups 1-3 (E & M) – Nicht öffnen” to KW Erstfeldertal AG c/o Elektrizitätswerk Altdorf AG, Herrengasse 1, Altdorf 6460, Switzerland.

For further information, contact:; Tel: +41 875 09 55.