Bids sought to deploy FPV project in Mauritius

The Central Electricity Board (CEB), the state-owned power generation and distribution utility of the Republic of Mauritius, has launched Open International Bidding for the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a 2 MWac floating solar PV station at Tamarind Falls Reservoir.

Bids are invited by 23 January 2023 from qualified bidders through the Government e-Procurement System.

The project, which is part of the Indian Ocean island nation’s Renewable Energy Roadmap 2030 for the Electricity Sector published by the CEB in 2022, will be the first of its kind for the country. The aim of the project is to develop a pilot scale FPV farm, which will contribute to the expansion of renewable energy in Mauritius. The proposed FPV plant will have a maximum capacity of 2 MWac. Monocrystalline PV panels have been proposed of rated capacity 540 Wp, implying a total rated installed capacity (DC) of 2.6 MWp. It is designed to comprise two arrays each measuring 100 m x 91 m, consisting of some 4824 panels mounted on a floating pontoon type structure over an area of 18 200 m², or 3.2 per cent of the usable area of the water surface of the Tamarind Falls reservoir. Two inverters of capacity of 1 MW each will be used to convert DC to AC power. Specifications and quantity of equipment is only indicative in nature, as finalization of design and specification shall be carried out during the project execution phase by the EPC contractor. The output of the FPV farm will be fed to existing nearby 22 kV feeder lines to supply the national grid. The development of the FPV is facilitated by the fact that transmission infrastructure is already in place for an existing hydropower plant. The Tamarind Falls reservoir, located in the Vacoas/Phoenix district in the western part of the island, is owned by the CEB, as are the 350 acres that surround it. Water from the Tamarind Falls Reservoir is used to feed the hydropower station and for irrigation purposes.

The hydropower plant, which is currently equipped with four units with a nameplate capacity of 11 MW and an effective capacity of 9.5 MW, operating under a gross head of 295 m, generates electricity for the island grid from the flow of the Aigrettes river and the Tamarin river.

India’s NTPC has been engaged by the CEB as an engineering consultant to assist in setting up of the project. The environment impact assessment was carried out by Sustainable Resource Management.

A site visit will be held on 15 December at 10 30 (local time) at Tamarind Falls Reservoir in Henrietta.

Bidding documents may be downloaded through the Government e-Procurement System at The Reference Number on the system is CEB/IFB/2022/5688. Bids must be submitted online on the e-Procurement System by Monday 23 January 2023 up to 13 30hrs (Mauritian Time) at the latest. Bidders submitting bids online by the closing date and time shall decrypt and re-encrypt their bids from 15.00 hours on 23 January 2023 until 13.30 hours on 25 January 2023. For further information, contact: The General Manager, CEB, P.O Box 134, Rue du Savoir, Cybercity, Ebene

Tel: +230 404 2000