Civil works tendered for 1800 MW Shahpur pumped-storage project, India

India-based independent power producer Greenko Group, one of the country’s leading energy storage and renewable energy developers, has launched international competitive bidding for the execution of civil and hydro-mechanical works for the 1800 MW Shahpur off-stream, closed loop, pumped-storage project in the Baran district in the northwestern state of Rajasthan.  

Sealed bids are sought by 5 April 2024 from eligible contractors to construct, test and commission the main civil and hydro-mechanical works. This includes the upper approach channel, intake pool, upper intake structures, upper reservoir, buried penstocks/pressure shafts, vertical and horizontal pressure shafts, along with steel liner and surface powerhouse to accommodate five units of 300 MW and two units of 150 MW. In addition, it includes the service bay and unloading bay, pothead yard, tailrace tunnels, tailrace outlet (lower intake), tailrace pool, tailrace channel (lower approach channel ), lower reservoir, PAT to service bay, adits to pressure shafts, hydro-mechanical works (including gates, stoplogs, hoisting arrangements, trash racks and valves, etc) for both upper and lower intake, and all other required appurtenant works.

The scope also includes interfaces with the contractor for electro-mechanical works and other contractors. The upper dam is designed as a geomembrane faced rockfill embankment with an average height of 24.5 m and a maximum height of 30 m for the creation of an upper reservoir with a gross storage capacity of 34.26 x 106 m3. The lower dam is designed as a geomembrane face rockfill embankment with an average height of 26.5 m and a maximum height of 38 m to impound a lower reservoir with a gross storage of 30.016 x 106 m3. A pit-type surface powerhouse will accommodate seven fixed-speed, reversible Francis turbines, five of 300 MW and two of 150 MW. They are operated under a rated net head of 154.73 m for the 300 MW unit and 154.41 m for the 150 MW unit in generating mode, and 162.56 m for the 330 MW unit and 163.21 m for the 165 MW unit in pumping mode.

The civil and hydro-mechanical works for the readiness of the first unit is to be achieved in 20 months from effective date, with the completion of the entire scope of works, including electro-mechanical interfaces, in 30 months. The tender is on an EPC – Item Unit Rate basis for complete scope. Item Unit Rate(s) shall be firm and fixed throughout the performance of the contract without any price escalation on any grounds.

Bid documents and instruction to bidders, including qualifying criteria for RJ01 – PSP/SHAHPUR/ CIVIL AND HYDRO-MECHANICAL PACKAGE/002 can be viewed on the company’s website at: For further information, contact: Vice President – C&P (IREP Projects), Greenko RJ01 IREP Private Limited, 13, Sy.No.64 Part, Block-D, Third Floor, Hitech City Layout, Madhapur Village, Hyderabad-500081, Telangana, India. Tel: +91 (0) 40-40301700. Prospective bidders are advised to send their queries to:; cc:;