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Consultancy services sought to install trash barriers in Nkula reservoir, Malawi

Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO), Malawi's state power producer, invites expressions of interest by 16 December from qualified bidders to provide consultancy services for the design of a trash diversion barrier and auxiliaries for the Nkula reservoir on the river Shire in southern Malawi.

The scope of services shall comprise all works required for the design, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of (i) Three floating trash diversion barriers of a rigid design including trash screens to prevent passing of submerged debris; (ii) Fixation of all floating trash barriers on the weir structure by heavy duty I-beam sliders allowing the barrier to follow the actual reservoir level; (iii) Fixation of all floating trash barriers in the reservoir and the reservoir banks as required by the bidder’s design; (iv) Intermediate fixations and anchors as required by the bidder’s design and (v) Training of EGENCO personnel to operate and maintain the equipment.

The main objective is to provide a Trash Diversion Barrier at Nkula that shall reduce and prevent floating debris, weed and trash from Liwonde and the river Shire tributaries from clogging the power station’s intakes to ensure reliable power generation. Weed management of Shire River is carried out at Liwonde Barrage using a boom and weed harvesting equipment. However, some additional weed and debris flow into the river Shire from the Rivirivi and Lirangwe tributaries, downstream of Liwonde Barrage, affects operations at the Nkula hydropower plants. Trash raking machines at Nkula fail to cope with the amounts of trash and weed whenever weed harvesting equipment at Liwonde fails and in the case of excessive inflow of trash from the tributaries. The trash barriers should be designed to divert the trash and debris to spillway gates for efficient flushing without the necessity of opening the gates. The spillway gates 1 and 3 at Nkula are equipped with flap gates. The layout and design of the diverting structures shall be in a way that all arriving debris will be collected and diverted to these two gates. EGENCO undertakes silt dredging operations in the Nkula reservoir, and therefore the design of the trash diversion barriers must take into account the need for easy removal of the barrier(s) to allow passage of the dredging equipment to operate at the reservoir.

Prospective bidders shall be required to demonstrate experience of designing, installing and commissioning trash diversion barrier systems by providing information for at least three similar projects in the past ten years. Prospective bidder need to have a formal business registration in the country of operation for a minimum period of five years. This shall be supported by a copy of the business registration certificate, which must be included in the submission. In the event that the successful bidder is an international firm, the successful bidder shall be required to register with NCIC before commencement of the works. At submission of expression of interest, the interested international firm must commit to register with the National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) if successful. Bidders shall be required to comply with provisions of the Procurement and Disposal Act of Malawi, with regard to the award of 30 per cent of the contract value, to locally registered contractors. International bidders should abide by regulations for subcontracting and setting up of Joint Ventures by foreign and Malawian construction firms as per NCIC Regulations.

Expressions of interest, in sealed envelopes, clearly marked on the outer envelope with subject and Procurement Reference Number: EGC477/ICB/G/FY2022-23, must be delivered before 14:00 hrs local time on 16 December to the Chairperson, Procurement and Disposal Department, EGENCO, 4th Floor, Chayamba Building, No.7 Victoria Avenue, PO Box 1567, Blantyre.

For detailed terms of reference, contact the Procurement and Disposal Unit, EGENCO.