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Consultant sought to modernize Čapljina pumped-storage plant, FBiH

The Bosnian Croat utility JP Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg Bosne (EPHZHB), one of two power suppliers serving the Bosniak-Croat Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), invites prequalification bids by 1 November from qualified consultants to act as a Project Implementation Consultant for the rehabilitation and modernization of the Čapljina pumped-storage plant, covering all stages from project preparation to completion.

The rehabilitation and modernization of Čapljina is designed to maintain the generation and pumping potential of the plant, to contribute to climate goals and environment protection by generating renewable energy, to contribute to grid stability by providing auxiliary services and to contribute to the security of electricity supply and the further growth of the economy of BiH.

The 2 x 210 MW plant in Svitava, around 15 km southeast of the city centre of Čapljina and about 40 km south of Mostar, contributes to the stabilization of the regional transmission grid and also has an autonomous inflow into the upper basin. The plant was commissioned in 1979.

The estimated total project cost is €16.5 million, of which Germany, through KfW Development Bank, is to provide a loan of up to €15 million for the procurement of consulting services, works and equipment to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Government, under the Bosnia and Herzegovina-German Financial Cooperation scheme. EPHZHB will contribute the balance of €1.5 million. The overall budget estimate for consulting services is up to €800 000. The project is being carried out under the Financial Cooperation programme ‘Promotion of Hydropower I (BMZ No. 2011 66 339)’ in the energy sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which focuses on the promotion of renewable energy. It is being implemented as an open programme, which can be supplemented by further components.

The consultant will mainly cooperate with EPHZHB in the implementation of the project.

The assignment will comprise assistance in the following areas:

  • support of EPHZHB in the framework of various measures during preparation and implementation of the project, such as development of preliminary design concepts, procurement of goods including preparation of bidding documents and evaluation of submitted bids;
  • monitoring and supervision during project implementation, including verification that the equipment supply, the works and installation contracts as well as environmental, social, health and safety measures are fulfilled in accordance with their stipulations;
  • support of EPHZHB in acceptance testing and claim management; and,
  • general programme support, including reporting.

The project duration is estimated at five years.The prequalification of experienced consultants is subject to the regulations contained in the ‘Guidelines for the Procurement of Consulting Services, Works, Goods, Plant and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries (January 2019)’ which can be found on KfW’s website.

The contract will be awarded to an independent consulting company with at least 10 years of proven experience in the electricity generating sector (planning and design of hydropower plants, procurement, contract management, as well as monitoring and impact assessment). Experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina and/or the region, as well as a minimum annual turnover of €1 million, is required. During the project implementation all relevant legal and technical regulations and standards such as BAS, IEC, IEEE and ISO should be applied.

For further information, and to obtain the Standard Prequalification Document (SPQ) for the Procurement of Consulting Services in electronic form, contact:

Jörg Moczadlo

BrightConsult Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Energiesysteme mbH

Martinistrasse 13

45701 Herten



Correspondence should be copied to

Ivan Jelčić, PIU Director, 

EPHZHB, Ul. kralja Petra Krešimira IV,

6-A88000 Mostar

Bosnia i Herzegovina