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Pakistan’s WAPDA seeks engineering consultancy services for Phase II of Shatung Nullah diversion

Pakistan’s state hydropower producer, the Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA), invites Expressions of Interest by 11 March from local consulting firm(s)/ joint venture(s) for the services of detailed engineering design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision and contract administration for the Shatung Nullah Diversion (Phase-II), which is part of the 17.4 MW Satpara dam project in the Skardu region in Gilgit-Baltistan in the north of Pakistan.

Consulting services are required for the preparation of detailed construction design/drawings, preparation of tender documents, assistance to WAPDA during tendering and contract negotiations, construction supervision, contract administration, as well as conducting an environmental impact assessment in collaboration with Wapda Environmental Cell (WEC), an environmental and social management plan and a land acquisition and resettlement action plan.

The scheme entails the diversion of the Shatung Nullah, which is a left tributary of the river Indus, into Raicin Nullah, which leads to Satpara Nullah. A feasibility study on the Satpara dam project was conducted by WAPDA in 1987. The project would include the construction of a 46 m-high, 10 m-high ogee type diversion weir, an intake structure, a 228.6 m-long closure dyke, a 609.6 m-long approach channel, and a horseshoe tunnel about 6.5 km long with a 2 m radius and base width of about 4 m. The objective of the river diversion is to divert 3 m3/s of water from Shatung Nullah into Raicin Nullah leading to Satpara Nullah to enhance the generation of Satpara dam project (Phase-I) throughout the year and especially during winter as well as supplementing the Satpara dam (Phase-I) reservoir to increase water availability for power generation, for household usage and for irrigation during crop sowing seasons. The project also includes an environmental impact assessment in the Deosai Plains, which is a designated National Park. The project is expected to commence from July 2019 and be completed by November 2024, along with a one year defect notification period and six months for closing of the project. Overall, completion time is expected to be six years and ten months.

Firms are required to support their experience in detailed engineering design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision and contract administration of hydropower and dam projects and diversion works specifically. The JV may comprise a maximum of three members. Foreign firms can be included as an association. Expression of interest (EOI) documents (containing detailed description of terms and conditions of services, deadline and place of the submission of the expression of interest and evaluation criteria) are available upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs 200 at the office of the General Manager/PD (Projects) Northern Area, WAPDA. EOI documents can be viewed and downloaded from free of charge. Interested consultants or joint ventures of consultants who are registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and the Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments and are Active Tax Payers List (ATL) of the Federal Board of Revenue should submit information in the format indicated along with accompanying material to the address below: General Manager Hydro Resource Management, WAPDA, 228 WAPDA House, Lahore. Tel: +42-99202631; Email:

For further information, contact: General Manager/PD (Projects) Northern Area, WAPDA, GBHP Power Channel Colony, G.T. Road, Hattian, District Attock. Tel: +92 57 2640628; Fax: +92 57 2640629; Email: