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EPC contractor sought for Tasiilaq HPP 2 in Greenland

Nukissiorfiit, Greenland’s state-owned water and power supplier, invites interested companies to participate in a two-phase tendering procedure for an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the new Tasiilaq hydropower plant that is to be built just outside the town of Tasiilaq on the east coast. Prequalification bids are invited by 7 June from eligible EPC contractors for Tasiilaq HPP 2, a 0.7 MW station to be built between Lake 160 and Lake 102, approximately 6 km northwest of Tasiilaq.

Lake 160 is used as the main upper reservoir for the existing 1.2 MW Tasiilaq 1 hydropower station, which is controlled by gate valves at a small dam. The dam will serve as an intake for the new powerplant and a new penstock will be built from the intake to a new powerhouse at Lake 102. Utilizing the elevation between the intake and the upper reservoir with the new powerplant is expected to increase annual production to around 10 GWh from just over 6 GWh per year currently generated by Tasiilaq 1.

The scope of contract will include: (i) Intake at Lake 160 – Equipment at the present dam will be adapted to serve as an intake for the new power station. A new intake valve and bypass valve will be installed, as well as a trash rack; (ii) Supply and installation of a GRP penstock between Lake 160 and Lake 102, which will be partially buried and partially insulated above ground. The penstock is envisaged to be 570 m long with a diameter of 800-1000 mm. A 400V power cable and an optical cable between the powerhouse and intake shall be provided; (iii) Construction of a powerhouse at Lake 102, for the electro-mechanical equipment as well as service facilities, with an estimated size of 120 m²; (iv) Supply of electro-mechanical equipment comprising a Francis-type turbine directly coupled to a synchronous generator. A self-closing inlet valve and a bypass valve are foreseen. The control and protection systems shall include all necessary equipment for ensuring safe remote controlled operation. The powerplant with a rated power of 700 kW will harness a gross head of 58 m and a rated flow of 1.5 m³/s.

The contracted works is foreseen to be completed by October 2026. Nukissiorfiit intends to prequalify two to four bidders for the second phase of the tender with final bids expected to be submitted in October and a final contract to be awarded in December. Bidders should have a three-year average annual turnover of not less than EUR 10 million.

Prequalification applications in English for Tender nr.: TN856953A are to be submitted before 7 June via: For further information, contact: Kasper Simonsen, Nukissorfiit, Issortarfimmut 3, PO Box 1080, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland; Email:; website: