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ESM tenders refurbishment of hydromechanical equipment

Elektrani Na Severna Makedonija (ESM), North Macedonia’s state power producer, invites prequalification applications by 23 May for the design, supply, installation, and commissioning, and/or refurbishment works of hydromechanical equipment.

The contracted works are one of seven packages to be tendered separately as part of the third rehabilitation phase of the Six Hydro Power Plants Programme, comprising various mechanical, electrical and construction measures for the rehabilitation of six large plants owned by ESM (HPP Vrutok, HPP Vrben; HPP Raven; HPP Tikves; HPP Spilje and HPP Globochica), as well as the Mavrovo and Globochica dams and other associated structures. The project is to be financed by Germany’s state development bank, KfW Development Bank.

The implementation period for Lot 6 is estimated at approximately 23 months from signing of the contract and excluding the warranty period. Project implementation is planned to start in October 2024 for commissioning in August 2026. The works are to be undertaken in compliance with national Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) regulations and international ESHS standards. The prequalification of contractors will be guided by the latest version of the “Guidelines for the Procurement of Consulting Services, Works, Plant, Goods and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries. The Lot 6 contract is planned to be implemented under the FIDIC general conditions of contract (Yellow Book).

ESM intends to shortlist eligible applicants in Q2 2024. Eligible applicants should have ten or more years of experience in the construction and rehabilitation of hydropower plants, with preference for those that have experience in handling similar projects with similar tasks in the Balkan countries and, including Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Applicants should present an average annual turnover of more than EUR 3 million of the lead partner for any of three years (2020, 2021 and 2022), calculated as total certified annual payments received for contracts in progress and/or completed.

More detailed information about the project, content and form of the application documents and the scope of services of the applicants can be requested in accordance with instructions given in the prequalification document. Interested applicants may obtain a complete set of the prequalification documents electronically in PDF form, upon submission of a written application to Mr. Otar Gavasheli, Deputy Project Manager, Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG; Email:, with a copy to Ms. Nevenka Jakimova Filipovska, Deputy Project Coordinator, AD ESM, Email: