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Feasibility study sought for Vajiralongkorn pumped-storage project in Thailand

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Thailand’s vertically integrated state utility, invites submission of qualifications and proposal data by 7 July from qualified US consultants to execute a feasibility study to assess the technical and economic viability of development of a grid-connected pumped storage hydropower plant at the Vajiralongkorn dam in western Thailand. The selected US consultancy will be paid in US dollars from a US$ 1 million grant awarded to EGAT in early April from the US Trade and Development Agency.

EGAT is focusing on expanding its pumped-storage capacity to increase security of the system during peak demand and allow for the greater integration of variable renewable energy. It currently operates three such facilities totalling 1.53 GW and is studying the development of six further projects including the proposed 900 MW Vajiralongkorn pumped-storage project in Kanchanaburi Province. The multipurpose Vajiralongkorn dam, formerly known as ‘Khao Laem dam’, was constructed during 1979 -1984 as part of the Mae Klong River Basin Development. The planned open-loop project is currently projected to be developed between 2029 and 2036 at an estimated cost of around Baht 32 billion (US$ 938.4 million), according to EGAT.

The main goals of this feasibility study include conducting geotechnical and geological investigation of the project site; developing a high-level conceptual design for the PSH plant; assessing the economic viability and developing initial cost estimates for the project; identifying potential funding sources; conducting a preliminary environmental and social impact analysis; assessing opportunities for the export of US products and services in project implementation; and developing an implementation plan that describes all the key steps to design, build and commission the project.

To receive a copy of this Request for Proposal, interested consultants are invited to complete a form on the USTDA’s website at