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General procurement notice for Mpatamanga, Malawi

The Mpatamanga hydropower project in southern Malawi is under development on the Shire river, the largest river in the country, anda tributary to the Zambezi river. The site is within the Blantyre and Neno Districts.

The project comprises two cascading generating stations 6 km apart, which will have a combined installed capacity of 361 MW (at 309 MW and 52 MW plants), complete with separate substations and two transmission lines. Water required for energy production will beconveyed from the upper reservoir through two tunnels (and accompanying underground surge chambers) to the main powerhouse.Water discharged from the main powerhouse will flow downstream into the lower regulating powerhouse, where the generating stationis to be positioned directly against the foot of dam, in a close-coupled configuration. The spillway and intake gates are positioned in theregulating dam.

The Employer is the. The development shareholders comprise a consortium of EDF and Scatec (55 per cent of the total combinedownership) which are the strategic sponsors. This private group leads the development and implementation of the project under a public-private partnership, alongside the Government of Malawi (30 per cent) and IFC (15 per cent). Mpatamanga Hydro PowerLimited (MHPL) is the Employer, and is a special purpose vehicle created by the strategic sponsors, to implement the work, and operatethe plant, for a predefined duration.

Funding is being arranged by the Government of Malawi and the Employer, and agreements are currently being arranged with the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank Group and other key financing organizations.

This GPN (which is Revision 2-2023/11/20) is intended to introduce the Mpatamanga project to the wider, international hydropowercommunity, and to announce that the Employer will soon initiate an international competitive procurement process, which will comprise three split contracts: a civil package, electro-mechanical package, and transmission package.

An online presentation can be found on YouTube at:

The Employer will publish on its external website ( details of the initial procurement plan and allsubsequent updates. Specific procurement notices for contracts subject to open international competitive procurement will beannounced, as they become available, so please check this website regularly.