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Hydrologist sought for Muvumba multipurpose dam in Rwanda

The Rwanda Water Resources Board, on behalf of the Government of Rwanda, seeks to recruit an international expert in hydrology as part of an Independent Dam Panel of Experts (IDPE) for the Muvumba multipurpose water resources development programme.

The programme is designed to supply domestic and agricultural water, as well as generate electricity from an associated hydropower plant in the Karama, Gatunda and Rukomo sectors. It will comprise the construction of a 39.5 m-high embankment dam that will  impound  a reservoir with a storage capacity of 55 million m3 as well as a 1 MW (2 x 500 kW) hydropower plant. The reservoir will hold water for the supply of domestic users and livestock, as well as for the irrigation of an area of 10 320 ha and for fishing. The dam will also provide flood control. The purpose of the panel, which will also include a Dam Safety and Design Engineer (Chair of the Panel), and Geologist/ Geotechnical Engineer, is to advise RWB on matters related to dam safety and other critical aspects of the dam and its appurtenant  structures,  the catchment  area, the reservoir rim and associated works, such as the powerplant, through reviewing designs, design modification proposals, construction procedures, construction period, flood management approaches and other similar technical works to ensure the safety of the dam and appurtenant structures during construction and for sustainable operation.

The selected hydrologist will review any study, analysis, designs, design modifications or construction method statements originated either by the contractor or consultant and provide review outputs and recommendations. The expert, along with the panel, will visit the project at regular intervals, observe the ongoing construction and propose solutions to any challenge encountered and ensure the activity is in compliance with dam safety measures and precautions. The scope of contract can be viewed at The services will be rendered over a period of five years from contract signature date. The contract will be renewable yearly based on performance.

Only consultants from regional and non-regional Member Countries of the African Development Bank are eligible to apply. The consultant will be selected as individual consultant in accordance with the African Development Bank, Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations, October 2015.

Expressions of interest can be electronically or in person not later than 15:00 hours Kigali time on 25 January 2023 at the below mentioned address specifically mentioning the contract title: EOI Independent Dam Panel of Experts (IDPE) – Hydrologist.

For further information contact: Dr. Emmanuel Rukundo, Director-General, Rwanda Water Resources Board, P.O. Box 6213, Nyarugenge Pension Plaza building, KN 3 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250 78195 8885

Email: with copy to and