Independent engineer sought for Ruzizi III hydro project

The project is being developed as a public-private partnership by Ruzizi III Energy Ltd and proposals are due by 20 July.

Ruzizi III Energy Limited is developing the Ruzizi III hydropower project, located on the boundary of Rwanda and DRC, as a public-private partnership.

Companies are invited to submit proposals for and independent engineer, which will provide expert review if technical disputes arise among the project sponsors, power purchasers, and the public partners.  The independent engineer will also provide specific certifications required for the project during and after construction.  This role is separate from owner’s engineer and lender’s advisors.

The intended installed capacity is about 149 MW, subject to final definition studies.  The private sector project sponsors are Industrial Promotion Services of Kenya and SN Power of Norway. Public parties are the Governments of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.

Information and the request for proposal document may be obtained from: Peter Rae, Ruzizi III Energy Limited, Sanlam Towers, Wing A, 4th Floor, KN 67 St 10, Kigali, Rwanda; Tel: +1 613 305 0733, Email:, copied to

Proposals are due by 20 July 2020.