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Integrated pumped-storage schemes for India

These projects will be the first of their kind in the country, able to supply firm despatchable energy to the grid 24 h/day. The total cost is expected to be about US$ 2 billion.

India’s renewable energy developer Greenko has recently secured fin­ancing of US$ 495 million from the GIC group of Singapore, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, towards the implemention of two major integrated renewable energy projects, combining pumped storage with solar and wind projects.

The first, which includes the 1200 MW Pinna­puram pumped-storage scheme, in Andhra Pradesh, has reached financial close, and a contract for detailed design consultancy services was awarded to AFRY of Switz­erland/India, at the end of March.

The pumped-storage plant will be combined with a 2 GW solar installation, and 2 GW of wind power, and will provide 8000 MWh of storage, according to Greenko. The project is expected to produce 2.77 TWh/year, at 76 per cent efficiency.

The upper and lower reservoirs of the pumped-storage element will be im­pounded by 42 m-high rockfill dams; the underground power­­house is to be equipped with eight variable speed reversible units.

Greenko also plans to develop the Saundatti integrated renewable energy storage project, in the state of Karnataka. Again, the pumped-storage plant will be integrated with 2 GW of solar power, and 2 GW of wind power. There will be a pumped hydro storage capacity of 9600 MWh, and the entire scheme is expected to have an output of 3.32 TWh/year, at a cycle efficiency of 76.7 per cent.