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Mosul dam rehabilitation wins ‘Outstanding Project Award’

The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) in the USA has selected the Mosul dam rehabilitation project in Iraq, carried out by Trevi SpA of Italy, for this year’s Outstanding Project Award. The award will be presented at DFI’s 47th Annual Conference on Deep Foun­dations, in October.

The Mosul dam, on the Tigris river, was constructed in the 1980s and is the largest in Iraq. It is 113 m-high and 3.65 km-long. During the construction phase, engineers were aware of the foundation’s weak rock, and contractors encountered cavities during excavation. As a result of political and schedule pressures, the work continued. Despite extensive grouting efforts, seepage began im­mediately after commissioning of the dam.

In March 2016, Trevi took over the contract to perform maintenance grouting, along with training the owner’s personnel and rehabilitating the bottom outlet tunnels through electromechanical work and diving operations.

From 2016 to 2019, Trevi completed about 403 000 linear metres of grouted boreholes, injecting about 41 000 m3 of grout (equivalent to 26 700 t of solids) into the ground. Trevi also created courses on modern equipment and techniques as part of its remit to engage and train the owner’s personnel. (See also H&D Issue 2, 2016).

The company carried out work at the dam, 13 km away from the armed conflict against ISIS. The presence of the coalition forces, together with the Italian army, guaranteed the required security of the project area. Not­withstanding the strict security procedures, the works proceeded expeditiously, with no delays. The workforce numbered more than 700, and the project logged 8 million man-hours worked without accidents.

Established by DFI in 1997, the Out­standing Project Awards recognize the superior work of DFI members. A committee selects the scheme based on their size, scope and challenges of the project; degree of innovation and ingenuity exercised; and, uniqueness of the solution to the difficulties of the job.