Prequalification applications invited for contractors for Rivière des Anguilles dam in Mauritius

The project is planned to make use of the water resources of the Rivière des Anguilles in order to meet demand up to about 2050 for water supply and irrigation in the southern part of the Indian Ocean island nation.

The Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities of the Republic of Mauritius invites prequalification applications from international contractors by 25 November for the construction of the Rivière des Anguilles dam.

The Rivière des Anguilles dam is designed to consist of a 55 m-high, 2000 m-long rockfill dam with an impervious upstream face, which will impound a reservoir with a storage capacity of 13.2 x 106 m3. The spillway is foreseen as a morning-glory type, separated from the dam’s body, with an intake tower and the conduits going through the dam’s foundation and a discharge capacity of 450 m3/s. Italy’s Studio Pietrangeli was contracted by the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities in 2018 to provide engineering services, including detailed design, preparation of tender documents, assistance during procurement and tender evaluation, construction contract management and supervision of construction.

Application documents may be downloaded from the Government’s e-Procurement System (reference number on the system: PUBLICUTILITIES/IFB/2020/14). Applications must be submitted online on the e-Procurement System by 13.30 hrs (Mauritian Time) on Wednesday 25 November 2020. Applicants who have submitted applications online by the closing date should decrypt and re-encrypt their applications between 25 November at 14.31 hrs and Friday 27 November 2020 at 14.00 hrs (local time). For the purpose of submitting applications online on the e-Procurement System, it is mandatory for applicants to use a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for e-Procurement, which can be obtained through the Mauritius Post by applying online on the website

Applicants are advised to procure their DSCs well before preparing the applications as it may take up to four days to obtain. Applicants requiring support to prepare and submit applications online, are requested to contact the Help Desk of the Procurement Policy Office on +230 201 1530.

For further information, contact the Water Resources Unit of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, Royal Commercial Complex, St Ignace Street, Rose Hill; Tel: +230 403 5400; Fax: +230 465 7177; Email:;