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Sri Lanka tenders twin 100 MW FPV plants on Samanalawewa reservoir

Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Sri Lanka's state power utility, invites expressions of interest by 13 December for the construction and operation of two 100 MW floating solar PV (FPV) plants on the reservoir of the Samanalawewa hydroelectric plant. The project aims to leverage the generation capabilities of the country’s third-largest hydropower station by complementing it with solar power, enabling the efficient utilization of the reservoir as a dual-purpose energy resource, sustaining hydropower generation during peak hours while harnessing solar energy to meet daytime demands.

The reservoir is impounded by the Samanala Dam, which is located near the town of Balangoda in the southern central province of Sabaragamuwa, about 160 km south of the capital Colombo. The reservoir created by the 110 m-high embankment dam has a gross storage capacity of 278 x106 m3 and a live storage of 218 x106 m3. In addition to average annual output of 405 GWh from the 120 MW station, the reservoir also supplies water for agriculture in downstream areas.

‘Experienced and qualified firms’ can only apply for one of the two 100 MW FPV projects. Proposals on ‘a least cost basis’ must include basic technical specifications of the FPV plant as well as its grid interconnection such as transmission lines and substations. Successful bidders will be awarded 20-year power purchase agreements and are expected to connect “early” to the electricity grid.

The project proponent shall have sole responsibility for the design, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the floating solar power plant and associated transmission infrastructure. The project proponent will also be responsible for the expansion of the existing Samanalawewa grid substation and construction of grid interconnection lines to evacuate power for which the costs will be paid on a semi-annuity basis. The FPV must be able to withstand complete reservoir drawdown as the reservoir faces seepage issues arising from vulnerabilities in its banks and riverbed, necessitating recurrent wet blanketing procedures, which involve boat operations for inspections, and future plans to lower water levels in 2025 for leak remediation.

Technically feasible project proposals with the lowest unit costs and a competitive cost for grid interconnection will be short listed. Short-listed project proponents will be invited to submit a detailed project proposal for a restricted competitive bidding process. The sealing price for this bidding shall be derived from the prices of short-listed project proposals.

The EOI document can be viewed at For further information, contact: Deputy General Manager (REP&PM), Ceylon Electricity Board, No. 6-1/2, 1st Floor, Kalinga Place, Off Suleiman Avenue, Colombo 00500; Fax: +94 11 2583344; E-mail: