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TANESCO seeks consulting services for the project

TANESCO also intends to engage an engineering consultancy to assist with construction of Malagarasi and the associated transmission and distribution lines. Expressions of interest are invited from eligible consultants on or before 16 February.

The services included under this project are:

(a) Design review and preparation of bidding documents

(b) Support in the procurement of contractors for plant design, supply and installation of works

(c) Supervision of works comprising the 49.5 MW Malagarasi hydropower plant; a 132 kV evacuation transmission line spanning 54 km, from the Malagarasi hydropower site to the Kidahwe 400/132/33 kV substation and distribution network expansion and rural electrification. The latter will consist of medium voltage lines (40 km) and low voltage reticulations (65 km) to increase the 33 kV dispatch capacity from the Kidahwe substation, and to serve communities living within the neighbourhood of  the powerplant and the transmission line route.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) approved a US$ 120 million loan in November last year towards the US$ 144 million cost of the run-of-river plant and associated grid infrastructure that is to be operated by the state-run utility.

Consultants may constitute joint-ventures to enhance their chances of qualification. Eligibility criteria, establishment of the shortlist and the selection procedure shall be in accordance with the AfDB’s ‘Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations’ dated October 2015.

For further information on both tenders, contact:

Nyelu P. Mwamwaja

Secretary, Tender Board


Umeme Park Building

PO Box 9024

Dar Es Salaam


Tel: + 255 22 2451145