Why collaborate with Hydropower & Dams for publicity during 2023?

• At this crucial time of global energy transition, with nations racing to meet their targets or commitments for renewable energy generation, the roles of hydropower, pumped storage and the associated water infrastructure have never been as important.

• The synergy between hydropower and intermittent renewable energy sources enhances recognition of the role hydro can play in the operation of grid systems, and in recent years has opened opportunities for hybrid systems.

• In many of the less developed countries, where the remaining potential is vast, hydropower can be a relatively low-cost option for much needed installed capacity, as well as the ancillary benefits.

Our readership spans more than 85 countries, including all those with active programmes of hydropower underway. As we are privileged to publish the work of eminent experts in hydropower development and dam engineering, and as a result, the technical content of the journal is unrivalled within its field.

Our mission is to help promote clean, renewable hydropower, and water infrastructure at this critical time, by publishing state-of-the-art papers on technology and policy.

Work alongside us

If you or your company are involved in any aspect of water resources or renewable energy development, either within your own country or internationally, Hydropower & Dams, and the associated Aqua-Media publications and on-line platforms, are the ideal media to promote your business, both with editorial contributions, with display or classified advertising, or with web-based promotion.

We would be pleased to work with you for the coming year, on a package to suit your objectives and your budget, to bring your activities to the attention of the world hydropower community.

Click here find our Editorial Programme for the year, and here for our Advertising Rates and Data. Contact our Sales Team to discuss how we can work together. Email: sales@hydropower-dams.com • Tel: +44 (0)20 87737250