Print formats

Learn more about the format options and artwork supply specifications for our print publications.

Journal advertising

The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams is a perfect bound publication, trimmed to 210 by 292 mm. Display advertising placements are available in the following formats.

Double page: 420mm(w) x 292mm(h) + 3mm bleed
Full page: 292mm(h) x 210mm(w) + 3mm bleed
Half page island: 180mm(h) x 120mm(w)
Vertical strip: 247mm(h) x 80mm(w)
Half page horizontal: 80mm(h) x 120mm(w)
Quarter page: 12mm0(h) x 80mm(w)

Journal print advertising formats

All colour material must be supplied in CMYK and supplied in one of the following formats:

Adobe Illustrator EPS (fonts set to outline / curves)
QuarkXpress (English format collected for output with fonts)
PDF, JPEG, TIF set to high resolution (min 300 dpi) or EPS file(s).


Leaflets and company brochures can be circulated to the international readership of Hydropower & Dams in more than 180 countries. This is an effective way of reaching key people beyond your normal client base, with your company’s own material. Contact us for more information about formats and pricing.

International Business Journal

Our International Business Directory is a low-cost way of ensuring that details of your company’s expertise, scope of services and full contact details are constantly in the minds of our readers in more than 180 countries.

Two advert sizes are available: a standard box or a vertical/horizontal double box. In both cases no bleed is required and all adverts will have a 1mm black border added automatically.

Standard box: 55mm(h) x 55mm(w)
Double-box (horizontal): 55mm(h) x 117.5mm(w)
Double-box (vertical): 117.5mm(h) x 55mm(w)

Design & production services

H&D’s Design and Production Editor, Marcus Seal, is pleased to propose, design and create advertising material for new or existing clients, free of charge. The material may subsequently be used by the company, provided an acknowledgement is included to the designer.

Many of our major advertisers have already taken advantage of this service. If you are interested in this service, please contact the Advertisement or Production department for details.

Print advertising design studio

Advertising contacts

For more information about advertising opportunities within our publications, online or at our events please contact Sales & Marketing Team on / +44 (0)20 8773 7250/51/52