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A multidimensional technique for vibro-acoustic diagnostics and monitoring of turbine cavitation is presented, which has been applied on a prototype and three models of a Kaplan turbine. It can also be used for Francis, bulb, reversible pump turbines, and pumps. Two distinct cavitation mechanisms responsible for the two erosion patches found in an overhaul are vibro-acoustically identified and quantified. The involvement of various turbine parts in the cavitation processes is revealed, and the cavitation quality of the models is compared.

Vol. 30 - Issue 1, 2023

Securing the Orlík dam against the impacts of extreme floods

Vol. 29 - Issue 5, 2022

Flood management and spillway capacity during works on the Kariba dam rehabilitation project

Vol. 29 - Issue 3, 2022

Risk analysis and seismic risk assessment of ten hydropower dams in Ethiopia

Vol. 29 - Issue 3, 2022

Flood-forecasting and flood management for the Skienselva river system in Norway

Vol. 28 - Issue 2, 2021

Identifying the cause of the auxiliary spillway chute failure at Toddbrook dam, UK

Vol. 28 - Issue 1, 2021

Integrated and intelligent reservoir regulation for flood management

Vol. 28 - Issue 1, 2021

Operation of run-of-river plants on the Mekong and Rhône rivers

Vol. 28 - Issue 1, 2021

PMF-driven dam break modelling and flood hazard mapping for the Sungai Perak cascade

Vol. 27 - Issue 3, 2020

Physical model study of the Goronyo dam overflow spillway

Vol. 27 - Issue 1, 2020

CFD analysis to verify the design of a submerged roller bucket for Oxec II, Guatemala

Vol. 26 - Issue 6, 2019

Incorporating macro climate indices in flood prevention studies for the Brazilian hydropower system

Vol. 26 - Issue 6, 2019

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