Conference Themes

The following themes will be covered in the sessions and panel discussions. The detailed programme will be finalised in late June.

  • Hydro potential and development opportunities
  • Planning tools
  • Project structuring
  • Planning multipurpose schemes
  • Effective approaches for securing financing
  • Contractual issues
  • Commercial aspects
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Global guidelines and national approaches
  • Flood and drought management: research and case studies
  • Hydrological research
  • Impact assessment and mitigation measures
  • Fish protection: innovative solutions
  • Environmental aspects of project design
  • Environmental enhancement during upgrades
  • Social aspects: initiatives during planning
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Resettlement issues
  • Livelihood enhancement
  • Post-project assessments
  • Cross-border collaboration
  • Regional developments and power trading
  • Cascade developments
  • Reservoir operation
  • Synergy between renewable energy systems
  • Disaster risk management as part of design
  • Seismic engineering
  • Challenging site conditions
  • Warning systems and evacuation planning
  • R&D, Modelling and testing
  • Machinery design
  • Operation, monitoring and upgrades
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Digitalization
  • Grid systems
  • Innovations in generator design
  • Control systems
  • Innovative civil design
  • Construction challenges and solutions
  • Materials for dams
  • Civil engineering upgrades
  • Aesthetic aspects of dam design
  • Sedimentation
  • Dam safety and monitoring systems
  • Safety around dams
  • Hydro plant safety including cyber security
  • The role and benefits of pumped storage
  • Innovations in pumped-storage technology
  • Potential and project planning
  • Innovative technology
  • Marine energy: wave and tidal power
  • Succession planning
  • International programmes for young professionals
  • Company training programmes: case studies

Conference Programme

HYDRO 2019 will be the 26th in our annual series of hydro conferences, and the third to take place in Portugal, following HYDRO 2004 in Porto, and HYDRO 2010 in Lisbon. Portugal is an ideal European host country for the global hydropower community, with a wealth of experience and expertise to share, in all forms of hydropower, from large-scale pumped-storage plants to large and small run-over-river installations. The country has about 7200 MW of installed hydro capacity, and typically hydro contributes more than 15 000 GWh/year of electricity.


Sunday 13th October

Pre-conference workshops and Chairpersons’ & Speakers meetings and reception.


Monday 14th October

Opening ceremony, technical sessions begin and evening Welcome reception.


Tuesday 15th October

Technical sessions continue and extended opening of the Exhibition.


Wednesday 16th October

Technical sessions continue, closing ceremony and Farewell Dinner.

Industry co-sponsors

HYDRO 2019

  • 14 - 16 October 2019
  • Porto - Portugal