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Angola seeks consulting services for national dam safety plan

The Financial and Contract Management Unit (FCMU-WB/AFD) of Angola's Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA) invites expressions of interest by 5 January from eligible consulting firms to assist with the Elaboration of the Angola National Plan for the Safety of Dams and Reservoirs.

The consulting services, which are to be financed by the World Bank and the French Agency for Development as part of the Second Water Sector Institutional Development Project (WSIDP-2), aim to support the development of a National Plan for the Safety of Dams and Reservoirs.

The safety plan will have the following fundamental components:

  • The Legal/Normative Framework, which includes operation and safety regulations and complementary technical standards;
  • The Organizational Management System, composed of the various entities, agents and stakeholders in the safety management system for dams and reservoirs;
  • The Guiding Documents System, formed by a set of planning and programmatic documents, the National Dam Safety Inventory, the Angola Dam Classification and the Safety Plans of each dam and reservoir;
  • The Technological/Operational/Formative System to support the management of the safety of dams and reservoirs and training;
  • Training programme and Community Awareness programme; and
  • The Financial System to define how the dam and reservoir safety activities will be funded and sustained.

The duration of the assignment is twenty three months. Interested consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the general relevant experience (core business, years in business), specific experience in the field of the assignment and in similar regions/conditions, and technical and managerial organization of the firm. Key experts will not be evaluated at the shortlisting stage. A consultant will be selected in accordance with the QCBS method set out in the Procurement Regulations. Detailed Terms of Reference for the assignment can be obtained from the below-mentioned address. Expressions of interest must be delivered in writing to the address below (in person, by mail, or by e-mail) to Sr. Eng Lucrécio Costa, Financial and Contract Management Unit, Ministério da Energia e Águas (MINEA), Rua Via S8, Condomínio Dolce Vita, Edifício A1, 3º andar, Talatona, Luanda, Angola.

Tel: +244 222 024 757; +244 924 746 294