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Voith Automation is HyCon
Voith Automation is HyCon

Building permits sought for small hydro in Albania

Local developers have submitted construction permits for the development of two hydro plants with capacity up to 2 MW.

Albania’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has received applications from local developers for construction permits for two small hydropower plants with capacity of up to 2 MW, according to a list of applications posted on the website of the Ministry on 5 May.

A consortium comprising GMG and Engineering Systems has applied to build a small run-of-river plant on the river Kushe in the central region of Elbasan, while Kernaja Power submitted a request to build a plant on the river Bushtrica in the northern region of Kukes. In April, local company AB-01 Energji submitted an application for a permit to build a plant of up to 2 MW on a tributary of the river Devoll, near the city of Elbasan, while three applications were submitted for building permits for plants with installed capacity of up to 2 MW each on branches of the river Drin in the northern part of the country.

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