Druk Green Power tenders repair of Kurichhu spillway glacis and stilling basin

Bhutan’s Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC), the country’s hydropower plant operator and developer, invites sealed bids from eligible bidders by 6 September for the repair of the spillway glacis and stilling basin of the 60 MW Kurichhu hydropower plant.

The Kurichhu run-of-river plant, which is located at Gyalpozhing, Mongar Dzongkhag, on the river Kurichhu in Eastern Bhutan, was commissioned in 2002. It comprises a 55 m-high dam, with five orifice-type spillways with radial gates and a surface powerhouse equipped with four 15 MW Kaplan turbine units, which generate average annual output of 400 GWh under a net head of 32 m and discharge of 53 m3/s per unit.

The glacis of the spillway has 500 mm-thick reinforced M40 grade concrete. The stilling basin is 104 m long and 80.5 m wide. The base slab of the stilling basin is composed of 1 m-thick M25 grade reinforced concrete and M15 grade concrete of varying depth below the base slab. Further 500 mm thick M25 grade concrete is provided between M15 grade concrete and the bedrock. The basin is anchored into the bedrock. The spillway glacis and stilling basin have been eroded over the years and have sustained considerable damage.

The scope of work includes: repair of spillway glacis, involving chipping of existing concrete, repair of eroded concrete, embedments for steel lining and steel lining throughout glacis area and side wall, and contact grouting replacement of radial gate sill beam, repair of spillway gate seal; and, repair of  the stilling basin, which will involve repair of stilling basin concrete slab/repair of eroded concrete structures, construction of new coffer dam to divert the water from stilling basin, and ancillary works. Bidders will be required to complete the contracted works within 12 months (including one month mobilization period). Detailed specifications, scope of work and terms and conditions for NIT No.: CO0015/2019 are provided in the bidding documents, which can be downloaded for free until 5 September from the website of Druk Green Power Corporation at http://www.drukgreen.bt/tender/. Bidders downloading the documents from the website should register their intention to bid by informing the nodal officer of DGPC before the deadline for submission of bids. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security for BTN/INR 4 million only in the form of Demand Draft/Cash Warrant/Bank Guarantee, issued by the Financial Institution of Bhutan or any foreign bank acceptable and enforceable by the Financial Institution of Bhutan and shall remain valid until 5 December. A mandatory pre-bid meeting and site visit will be held on 20 August.

For further information, contact: Tandin Wangchuk, Head, Contracts Management and Procurement Department, Druk Green Power Corporation, Post Box No.: 1351, Motithang, Thimphu, Bhutan; Email: t.wangchuk792@drukgreen.bt; Tel: +975 2 339875; Website: www.drukgreen.bt.