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Electro-mechanical equipment sought for Palanggenbach plant, Switzerland

Elektrizitätswerk Altdorf (EWA) invites bids by 30 October for the supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment for the 3.4 MW Palanggenbach hydropower plant to be built in Seedorf, a municipality in Switzerland’s central Canton of Uri.

Bids are sought for the supply of a single Pelton turbine and generator, turbine governor (mechanical/hydraulic), control and monitoring/protection systems, inlet pipe with flange, water control intake, shut-off valve including bypass, connecting pipe, voltage distribution 400/230VAC (NSV and HV), a rectifier system and, battery system.

The project is to be developed by Kraftwerk Palanggenbach AG, a consortium comprising Aventron AG (60 per cent), EWA and Corporation Uri (15 per cent each) and the municipality of Seedorf (10 per cent), under a licence awarded by the canton of Uri in September 2018. The run-of-river plant will have an installed capacity of 3.4 MW and is expected to generate average output of around 11 GWh/year under a gross head of 356 m. Water will be captured at lock 5 in the Palanggental and passed through a 1600 m-long pressure tunnel to the new hydropower plant. Construction work is expected to start in March 2020 and commissioning is scheduled for April 2023.

The tender is available at: Bids must be submitted in German in hard copy and in digital format (CD, USB key) with the note ‘KW Palanggenbach, lot 4.1 – Maschinengruppe (E & M) “Nicht öffnen’.

Additional information can be obtained from Stefan Baumann, KW Palanggenbach AG, c/o Elektrizitätswerk Altdorf AG, Herrengasse 1, Altdorf 6460, Switzerland; Email:; Tel: +41 41 875 08 75.