Landsvirkjun seeks generator stator renewal at Búrfell

Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s state power producer, invites bids by 4 February for the supply of a complete stator for the synchronous generator at the 270 MW Búrfell hydrostation in southern Iceland. The contract entails the design, manufacture, testing, delivery to site, assembly, supervision of installation and final testing and commissioning of one complete stator to replace the Unit 4 stator. The contract also requires the supply of one set of spare parts, as specified in the tender documents. The contract is expected to be executed within 13 months of contract signing.

The Búrfell station, located in the Thjórsárdalur Valley, was commissioned between 1969 and 1972. The plant, which is equipped with six 45 MW Francis turbines, generates average annual output of 2300 GWh, under an operating head of 115 m with a maximum flow of 300 m3/s. The station utilizes water from the river Thjórsá, which is diverted into the Bjarnarlón reservoir, and from there through a tailrace tunnel to the powerhouse located in the Thjórsárdalur Valley. The station’s equipment was partially renewed in 1997-1999, increasing its capacity from 210 to 270 MW.

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