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OMVG seeks studies for projects in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau

The Gambia River Basin Development Organisation (Organisation de Mise en Valeur du Fleuve de la Gambie, OMVG) invites expressions of interest by 14 May from qualified consultants to prepare feasibility studies, front-end engineering design and tender documents for the construction of the Digan and Kourawel hydropower projects in Guinea.

The consultancy services for the development of the Digan (AHED) on the Gambia river and Kourawel on the Komba, a tributary of the Koliba river, are being financed by the African Development Bank. These projects are part of the second generation structures of the OMVG energy programme, which aims to extend the electricity network that will link Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia and Senegal and contribute to meeting the energy needs and renewable energy objectives of its four member countries.

The selected consultant will be required to develop (i) the technical, economic and financial feasibility studies for the hydroelectric developments of Digan and Kourawel, and define the best site development options, (ii) the detailed preliminary design study (including the 3D hydraulic model) of the two hydroelectric facilities to define the design of the structures and their layout and (iii) the tender documents for the construction. Consultants can form a partnership to increase their chances of qualification. The application dossiers must include documents demonstrating: At least 15 years of relevant work experience in the design of hydroelectric facilities; an experienced project team with expertise in mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, topography and geotechnics as well as in economic, financial, tariff and institutional analysis; References of feasibility studies, detailed preliminary design and preparation of tender documents for similar medium-head projects; Relevant work experience in the ECOWAS region and ability to work in French, English and Portuguese.

The full tender notice can be viewed on the website of the African Development Bank at:

For additional information, contact: Mr Joao Vaz, Procurement Expert, Unité de Gestion du Projet Energie, Cité Keur Gorgui, Villa N-4/03 Rosy Sacré-Cœur, Dakar Senegal; Tel.: +221 33 821 08 30; E-mail: with copies to:,;;,,,,,, afayesow@omvg.sn7.