Prequalification bids sought for overhaul of New Pangani Falls, Tanzania

Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) has issued invitations for prequalification for suppliers for the rehabilitation of the 68 MW New Pangani Falls hydropower plant in the northeastern region of Tanga.

Prequalification bids are sought by 18 October for two separate contracts: the repair and major overhaul of turbines 1 and 2 (Tender No. PA/001/2018-19/NZN/W/04); and, the repair and major overhaul of the generator of unit 1 (Tender No. PA/001/2018-19/NZN/W/05).

The New Pangani Falls power station, comprising an underground powerhouse equipped with two Francis turbines, a 1.5 km-long unlined tunnel and a 10 m-high earth and rockfill dam at Koani in the Muheza district, was commissioned in 1994-95. The plant utilizes the total head and flow available on the lower reaches of the river Pangani, downstream of the 21 MW Hale storage hydropower plant, generating average annual output of 367 GWh under a head of 170 m. The plant has a capacity that is four times greater than the Old Pangani Falls plant, which was closed to allow the redevelopment.

The two contracts are among ten separate contracts issued by the state power utility on 14 September.

Bidders are encouraged to visit the site at their own expense to obtain all information necessary for preparing their offers and to have a full understanding on how execution of the contract will be carried out. Contact details for the site visits are as follows: +255 685 630 123 / 788 507 760 / 717 629 038.

Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the tender documents at the Zonal Procurement Office, Room No. 503/505, the Fifth Floor, Tanesco Regional Office Building, Swahili /Market Road, Tanga Region, or at the Office of the Secretary of the Tender Board, Tanesco Head Office, Umeme Park Building Ubungo, Dar es Salaam. A complete set of bid documents may be purchased on the submission of a written application to the above-mentioned address and upon payment to Tanesco of a non-refundable fee of Tanzanian Shillings 118 000 inclusive of VAT. Bids should be submitted as one original plus three copies to the Secretary of the Zonal Tender Board, Room No. 503/505, North Zone Office, Fifth Floor, Zonal Office Building, Swahili/Market Road, Tanga, at or before 10.30 hrs on or before the closing date of 18 October.