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Auma-Solutions for a world in motion

SHF announces HYDROES 2019 conference

The Société Hydrotechnique de France will hold its biennial conference in Grenoble, France, in 2019.

The HYDROES 2019 conference will cover three main themes:

  • The role of hydropower in the French and European electric systems, from the perspective of the transition of energy model: panorama and case studies;
  • Hydropower, an energy for the future: innovations; and,
  • Hydropower and society: integration of hydro projects in territories; multi-purpose reservoirs; sociology of hydropower.

This conference is proposed for all practitioners in the hydro business: hydro equipment suppliers; operators of hydropower plants, investors, electric systems operators; transmission line operators, NGO representatives, communities’ representatives, engineers, researchers and so on. The conference language will be English.

Please visit SHF’s website for further details or view the announcement here.