World Atlas of Hydropower & Dams 2023

Published annually, the World Atlas of Hydropower & Dams and companion online Industry Guide provide a comprehensive snapshot of the hydropower industry and wider renewable energy development. Available in Digital (USB) and Printed editions.

World overview

One of the main editorial features of the World Atlas is the comprehensive world survey of hydropower and water resources development. This is researched and updated each year, and today represents input from 180 countries (all those with active hydropower development programmes underway).

The individual country reports (arranged by continent) are based on the responses to detailed questionnaires which are sent each year to high level contacts at national and regional power and water authorities worldwide, and some national committees of professional associations.

Based on our country reports, an annual synthesis of world developments is prepared.

Editorial Comments, reflecting the state-of-the-art of water resources development, dam and hydro engineering, and irrigation and drainage, are contributed each year by the Presidents of international professional associations such as ICOLD, ICID, IWRA and others.


Tables giving statistics on hydro potential, dams under construction, Pumped Storage, RCC dams, concrete faced rockfill dams and dams with asphaltic facings or cores are also included in the Atlas. These clearly show trends in the role played by hydropower in each country’s energy mix, and priorities and achievements in dam construction worldwide.

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World Atlas of Hydropower & Dams 2023


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