Seismic design of the Tabellout arched RCC dam, Algeria

Tabellout dam is part of the Setif-Hodna transfer project in the region of Jijel, northern Algeria. Tabellout is an RCC dam 121 m-high and with a crest length of more than 360 m. The reservoir will have a capacity of 294 ¥ 106 m3. A potentially seismic fault was identified at the beginning of the construction works. The fault is about 200 m upstream from the dam axis, and its identification led to a re-evaluation of the seismic hazard at the project site. This article describes the design adjustments made to the project during construction to ensure the stability of the dam in unfavourable seismic conditions. The construction works began in 2010 ,and progress to date has provided significant experience in RCC arched dam design and, in particular, joint arrangements.

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Seismic design of the Tabellout arched RCC dam, Algeria

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